Post Mortem Bag Kit (Body Bag) Pediatric 28" x 48" 10/Cs

by Dynarex
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Post Morttem Bag Kits and Heavy Duty Black Body Bag
Non-porous bag designed to contain a human body
Storage and transportation of corpses
Body bags can also be used for the storage of corpses within morgues
4772-4775 has 400lb weight capacity
4772-4775 has 7 mil thickness
4776 has 600lb weight capacity
4776 has 12 mil thickness
Envelope Style Zipper/Closure
Double zipper construction for easy closure
Body Bags are made of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and cannot be used for cremation
Disposable. Not for reuse.
Kits includes:
Shroud Sheet
Toe Tags
Precaution Labels
Instruction Sheet