Ankle Brace, Dual Purpose Strap, Medium, Black, Retail Packaging (083056)

by Swede-O
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Has patented features for ease of use and maximum support. It utilizes twin dual-purpose straps instead of the usual four-strap design. The exclusive dual-purpose straps serve as both the figure-eight straps and the top locking straps. This unique strap design is also pre-positioned halfway through the figure-eight configuration for easier application and to ensure proper placement. The heavy duty construction and longer length of the straps allow more leverage to be applied to the straps for a much more secure fit. Unlike competitive braces where the straps are held in place by securing to Velcro only once, these straps are secured in multiple locations for longer lasting support. It is also quick and easy to modify the strap support level during use by simple adjusting two straps instead of four. Removable side stabilizer inserts are included for additional support and protection.