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BPL ECG Machine Cardiart Veterinary 6208 View

BPL ECG Machine Cardiart Veterinary 6208 View

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The BPL Cardiart 6208 View is a simultaneous 3-channel ECG reading device with auto-summary. It has a built-in rechargeable battery and allows the simultaneous acquisition of 12 wires. It is equipped with a large LCD screen and has USB connectivity.


  • Simultaneous 3 channel ECG recording with 12 lead simultaneous acquisition and Arrhythmia Detection in auto mode
  • Large Colour LCD Display enabling the preview of ECG and preview of patient information entry
  • Internal memory which allows storage of up to 200 ECGs
  • The compact, lightweight (only 2.5 kg) ensures device portability
  • Designed for safe use, both on a power line as well as battery
  • High-performance Li-ion rechargeable battery enables mains independent operations and provides battery use after charging
  • Removes interference from a power line, muscle tremor, etc. with automatic baseline correction
  • Enables the storage and transfer of ECG recordings from an ECG machine to PC
  • Facilitates transfer of ECGs from the device to USB in PDF format
  • Data transfer to PC through Ethernet port, pacemaker detection (Optional)


Input circuit Floating Input circuit protection from defibrillation and pace maker
Lead  Standard 12 lead
Acquisition Mode  12 leads simultaneously
A / D Converter  12 bits
Measurement range  ±5mV PP
Time Constant  ≥3.2 seconds
Frequency Response  0.05Hz – 150 Hz
Calibration voltage 1 mV ± 3%
Sensitivity  2.5. 5, 10, 20 (mm / mv)
Input impedance  ≥50MΩ
Input Circuit Current  ≤50nA
Anti Baseline Drift  Automatic
  • EMG Filter 25Hz / 35Hz / 45Hz/OFF
  • DFT Filter 0.05 Hz
  • Low pass filter 150Hz / 100 Hz / 75 Hz
  • AC filter 50 /60 Hz
CMRR  >110db
Recording Mode
  • Auto : 3CH, 3/2CH, 3CH+1R,1CH, 1CH+1R
  • Manual : 3CH, 3/CH, 1CH
  • Rhythm: Signal rhythm lead
Power Supply AC
  • 100V-115V / 220V-240V,50/0 Hz
  • Built-in-rechargeable Li-ion battery: Voltage 14.4V
  • More than 3 hrs continuous operation under fully Charged new battery
Dimensions  300mm x 260mm x 75mm
Display  192 x 64 pixels LCD (Narrow Screen)
External Input / Output 
  • Input : ≥100kΩ; sensitivity 10 mm / V ±5%
  • Output: ≤100 Ω; Sensitivity 1V/ mV ±5%
Communication Interface  Ethernet, Rs. 232, USB (optional)



  • Power Cord 
  • Patient cable 
  • Chest electrodes 
  • Limb Electrodes 
  • Thermal recording paper  

Warranty: 1 Year



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