Brawny Industrial Surface System Bucket, 6/cs

by Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products

This system, in connection with the Brawny Industrial™ Surface System Bucket (54006), allows users to add their preferred disinfectant or sanitizer creating their own hard surface wet wipes. Replacing open buckets and spray bottles used with cloth will help create a more efficacious and safe disinfecting alternative for end users. Features and benefits: Helps improve efficacy when disinfecting hard surfaces vs. cloth by improving release of chemical to surface to maintain desired disinfectant concentration. The dispensing bucket helps reduce the possibility of double-dipping which can contaminate the bucket of disinfectant or re-using a wiper that has been contaminated on surfaces to be disinfected. The sealed bucket helps reduce splashes, spills and vapors that can harm and end users when using a bucket or spray bottle.