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ChoiceMMed Vital Signs Monitor MD2000B

ChoiceMMed Vital Signs Monitor MD2000B

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Product Description 

  • MD2000B is a compact and transportable vital signs monitor, providing  effective and accurate SpO2, noninvasive blood pressure (NIBP) and pulse rate measurement.
  • Also, the thermal recorder, data transmission function, vehicle inverter, and product backpack are reserved for users.
  • It is widely applied in hospitals, private hospitals, community hospitals, clinics, Elderly Hospital, Nursing & Wellness Center


  • Patient Range: Adult and pediatrics
  • SpO₂: Measurement range: 70%-100%
  • Pulse Rate: Measurement range: 30-250bpm
  • PI*: Measurement range: 0.2%-20%
  • NIBP: Method: Oscillometric
  • Operation Modes: Manual/Automatic/STAT
  • Measurement Unit: mmHg/kPa selectable
  • Measurement Types: Systolic, diastolic and mean
  • Data transmission: USB
  • Wired LAN (Optional): Alarm
  • NIBP (SYS, DIA, MAP), SpO₂, PR, probe off, finger out, low voltage
  • Modes: Visible & 3-level audible alarms, error code
  • Storage
    Patient ID: 1-99
    Data Records: up to 72 hours
  • Appearance
Dimension: 296mm *175mm *96mm mm (±1mm)
Weight: 1.5±0.1kg
  • Display
     Type: 2.8” LCD & LED screen
  • Parameters
      NIBP(SYS, DIA, MAP) ,SpO₂, PI, PR, pulse bar, waveform
  • IBP button on the front panel, directly measuring the NIBP with pushing the button
  • Vehicle inverter: Unlimited using time for ambulance without the AC power
  • 72 hour data storage, 99 ID available, measurement record and trend review
  •  Bright, high resolution LCD screen displays the waveform as well as the SpO₂, PI* and PR readings
  • Separate bright LEDs display for systolic, diastolic and mean Blood Pressure readings
  • Printer facility for printing reports immediately
  • Patient measuring data transfer via USB to a PC
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