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Clonmed Circular - Clonmed Disposable Circular Stapling Device

Clonmed Circular - Clonmed Disposable Circular Stapling Device

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  •  CLONMED Curved Intraluminal Circular Stapler - Endoscopic, It is designed to promote healing, more tissue control and less tension on the anastomosis, with distinct audible and tactile feedback during firing,
  • These intraluminal circular stapler comes with tissue compression scale to control compression based on  tissue conditions


  • CLONMED Curved Intraluminal Circular Stapler - Endoscopic
  • Safety Lock prevents inadvertent firing of the stapler
  • While Teflon cutting waster for audible feedback
  • Atraumatic dilating trocar tip
  • Wing Nut knob for controlled compression & tactile feedback
  • 2 Row & 3 Row titanium stable lines superior hemostasis
  • Optimal housing capacity t accommodate double doughnut
  • True compression scale for adjustable staple height
  • Ergonomic detachable anvil


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