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Contec CA10M Capnograph-Mainstream ETCO2 Monitor

Contec CA10M Capnograph-Mainstream ETCO2 Monitor

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Capnograph adopts mainstream method to measure the end-tidal carbon dioxide, airway respiration rate and other parameters. It can detect pulmonary ventilation function and reflect the circulation and pulmonary blood flow condition, as well as indirectly reflect the alveolar ventilation, which is applicable for use in pre-hospital emergency transfer, emergency department, ICU, operating room, neonatology, respiratory department and other occasions.


1)End-tidal CO2 measurement function

2)Respiration rate measurement function

3)Over-limit alarm function for End-tidal CO2 and respiration rate

4)Low battery alarm function


End-tidal CO2 measurement:

1)Measurement range: 0 ~150mmHg

2)Resolution: 1mmHg


0~40 mmHg:±2 mmHg

41~70 mmHg:±5% of readings

71~100 mmHg:±8% of readings

101~150 mmHg:±10% of readings

Respiration rate measurement:

1)Measurement range: 2rpm~150rbpm

2)Resolution: 1rpm

3)Accuracy: ±1rpm


User Manual

Adult gas path adapter

Neonate gas path adapter (optional)


Physical Characteristic

Dimension: 55×52×59mm

Weight: 97g (with batteries)

Working environment

Temperature: 5℃~40℃

Relative humidity: 30%~ 75%, no condensation

Atmospheric pressure: 700hPa~1060hPa

Power supply: DC 3V (2 AAA dry batteries)

Input power: ≤1VA

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