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Defibtech DDU-2300 Lifeline View Semi-Automated Defibrillator

Defibtech DDU-2300 Lifeline View Semi-Automated Defibrillator

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Defibtech’s technologically advanced devices include the Lifeline family of fully-featured AEDs with distinctive yellow hourglass shapes, roomy handles, and rubberized surfaces.

Sophisticated enough to meet the needs of the most demanding first responders, they are also incredibly easy for the untrained to use. 

The Lifeline AED product line includes a semi-automatic defibrillator, a fully-automated defibrillator that analyzes heart rhythms and automatically delivers a shock, an AED capable of an ECG waveform display at the touch of a button, and the first AED with full-motion color video.

Built to exacting medical standards as well as to U.S. Military specifications, Defibtech’s Lifeline AEDs are lightweight, robust, dust protected, spray and water resistant, and meet “shock and drop” specifications for use in tough environments.

They are also easily maintained and field upgradable, on-site, when CPR guidelines change

Technical Specifications 


  • Type: Semi-automatic external defibrillator
  • Model: DDU-2300
  • Waveform: Biphasic Truncated Exponential (Impedance compensated)
  • Energy: Adult: 150 Joules Child / Infant: 50 Joules (Nominal into 50 Ohm load)
  • Charge Time: Less than 4 seconds (from shock advised)
  • Display: High-resolution color LCD
  • Video Prompts: Full motion video On-screen text prompts
  • CPR Coaching: Video and voice coaching On-demand video help
  • Rescue Protocol: AHA/ERC (default); supports protocol updates by the user (password protected)

Defibrillation/Monitoring Pads

  • Model: Adult: DDP-2001; Child / Infant: DDP-2002
  • Type: Pre-connected, single-use, non-polarized, disposable, self-adhesive electrodes with cable and connector 
  • Surface Area: Adult: 12 inches2 (77 cm2) Child / Infant: 7.75 inches2 (50 cm2)


Self Test

  • Automatic: Automatic daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly circuitry tests
  • Battery Insertion: System integrity test on battery insertion
  • Pad Presence: Pads preconnected tested daily
  • User Initiated: Unit and battery pack system test initiated by the user 
  • Status Indication: Visual and audible indication of unit status
  • Status Screen: Unit self-test results Pads and battery information


  • Size: 7.3 x 9.5 x 2.3 Inches (18.5 x 24 x 5.8 cm)
  • Weight: Less than 3 lbs (1.4 kg)

Do not delay therapy to determine exact age or weight. If pediatric pads are not available, apply adult pads in the position as shown for a child/ infant and use the AED.

Warnings related to the AED

  • Hazardous electrical output. This equipment is for use only by qualified personnel. 
  • Possible fire or explosion. Do not use in the presence of flammable gases or anesthetics.
  • Use care when operating this device close to oxygen sources (such as bag-valve-mask devices or ventilator tubing).
  • Turn off gas source or move source away from patient during defibrillation, if necessary. 
  • The DDU-2000 Series AED has not been evaluated or approved for use in hazardous locations as defined in the National Electric Code standard.
  • Improper maintenance can cause the DDU-2000 Series AED not to function.
  • Maintain the DDU-2000 Series AED only as described in the User Manual and Operating Guide.
  • The AED contains no user serviceable parts — do not take the unit apart. 
  • Do not open sealed pads package until pads are to be used. The packaging should be opened only immediately prior to use, otherwise the pads may dry out and become non-functional.
  • Do not touch the patient during defibrillation. Defibrillation current can cause operator or bystander injury.

Warranty: 1 Year




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