Drainage Bag, 2000mL, Universal Double-Hook & Rope Hanger, Needleless Sampling Port, Smooth Adapter with Cap, 11/32"x50" Star Tubing with Bed Sheet Clamp, Air Vent, Clear Anti-Reflux Drip Chamber, Dog House, Drain Tube, Metal Clamp, Splash Guard, 20/cs

by Amsino International, Inc.
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Latex free. Equipped with anti-reflux chamber or anti-reflux flutter valve and with needless sampling port. Graduated in 200 cc increments. Contoured design allows for more even filling and complete emptying. Terraced catheter adapter permit secure, leak proof fit. 11/32" drainage tube provides quick drainage. The built-in universal hanger fits securely on bedrails, carts, wheelchairs, walkers, etc. An additional clip is provided for securing bags to clothing.