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Edan SE-1010 PC ECG Machine

Edan SE-1010 PC ECG Machine

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Product Description 

  • Compact ECG transmitter with wireless design.
  • Vivid LCD display with operating buttons on the transmitter.
  • Enhanced weak signal detection.
  • Comprehensive filters & anti-noise technology.
  • Massive data storage and powerful data management software
  • Advanced analysis functions:
  • Heart Rate Turbulence (HRT)
  • QT interval Dispersion
  • High Frequency
  • Print clear reports on plain paper
  • Advanced SEMIP algorithm for automatic measurements and interpretation.
  • Customized exercise protocol in addition to Bruce and Modified Bruce
  • Manual input of blood pressure value support
  • ST segment/trend graphs disl.ay
  • XML, SCP, PDF, DOC and JPG reports transferrable via Email

Warranty : 1 Year

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