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Elkon Giga3 Advanced Digital Speech Audiometer

Elkon Giga3 Advanced Digital Speech Audiometer

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Product Description

Dimension 25 x 21 x 7.5 cm
Output Left, Right, Bone Left, Bone Right.
Weight 3.5 Kg. (With Soft Shoulder Bag)
Voltage AC 230/50 Hz. DC 12V/1A Operation (Optional)
Input Tone, Speech-Built in & Ext. Mike
  • Input - Tone, Speech - Built in & Ext. Mike
  • Output - Left, Right, Bone Left, Bone Right.
  • Freq. - Air (-20 db to 120 db) 250 Hz to 8 KHz - 5 db Step.
  • Bone (-20 db to 80 db) 250 Hz to 6 KHz - 5 db Step.
  • Masking - Wide band - 10 db Step, 100 db Max.
  • Tests - Pure tone, Speech, Tone Decay (counter).
  • Tone - Continuous & Pulse Screen - L.C.D. (With Contrast Control).
  • Audiometry with advanced features and at a reasonable price: 
    The Elkon Giga3 is the latest new generation audiometer with State of the art technology. A simple menu driven display makes the Elkon Giga3 a user friendly audiometer and its light weight design makes it truely portable. Robust design and use of sophisticated components make the Elkon Giga3 a steady reliable choice.

  • Controls:
    Soft Button Controls
  •  Built in patient audiogram and data storage:

    The Elkon Giga3 has a built in data storage facility, which can store upto 500 patients' data with name, age, sex and thresholds.

  •  Printer Interface:

    Directly connect a dot matrix (LX-300+) printer and have printed audiograms, with masking & without masking.

  •  Computer Interface:

    RS-232 Interface enables the doctor to transfer the data to a PC through a versatile software.

    Two Line LCD. LCD display, giving details of current test status.

    Calibration complies with- ANSI S 3.6 1989, ISO 389 1991, IEC 645, Standards for Electromedical Equipment.

  • Head Phone - DR 59/ (TDH 39/49 Optional).
  • Bone - B-71 Radio ear.
  • Indication - V.U.Meter for Speech.
  • Voltage - AC 230/50 Hz., DC 12V (IA) Operation.

  • Weight - 3.5 Kg. (With Shoulder Bag).

  • Connectivity- Direct Printer (EPSON LX300+) & computer interface.

  • Complete Data Storage up to 500 Patients with Name.

  • Age, Sex, & Date (Built in Real time Clock).

  • Screen-16 x 2 L.C.D (with Contrast control) & Back Lit.

  • Dimension in cm - 25 x 21 x 7.5 cm

Warranty: 1 Year

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