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Ethicon Endo Harmonic Ace Shears

Ethicon Endo Harmonic Ace Shears

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  • The Harmonic Instruments are indicated for soft tissue incisions when bleeding control and minimal thermal injury are desired.

  • The instrument can be used as an adjunct to or substitute for electrosurgery, lasers, and steel scalpels in general, plastic, pediatric, gynaecologic, urologic, exposure to orthopedic structures (such as spine and joint space), and other open and endoscopic procedures


  •  The Harmonic ACE Curved Shears with Ergonomic Handle, Hand Control and Torque Wrench is a sterile, single patient use instrument consisting of an ergonomic grip housing assembly with hand control buttons

  • The grip housing has an integrated audible and tactile mechanism for indicating full trigger closure

  • The instrument has a rotating shaft with a curved blade and clamp arm and is designed to work through a 5 mm trocar, through a 5 mm reducer cap in a larger diameter trocar, or through an incision without the use of a trocar

  • The Harmonic ACE instruments allow for the coagulation of vessels up to and including 5 mm in diameter

  • They are compatible with Ethicon Endo Gen11 energy generator

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