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GBLISA W- Rapid Microplate ELISA Washer

GBLISA W- Rapid Microplate ELISA Washer

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The GBLISA W Elisa Washer has a Large LCD display, a menu designed for convenient use. With a Whole plate washing or single strip washing. A 12 way and 8way manifold included.


  • The large LCD display, menu designed for convenient use
  • Whole plate washing or single strip washing
  • 1 2 - w a y and 8-way manifold included
  • Low residual volume by two pipettes
  • Complete bottom washing
  • Automatic monitoring of vacuum and pressure, automatic rinse cycle
  • Flat, V-Bottom or U-Bottom plate and strips washing
  • Large memory to store up to 48 user programmed wash protocols
  • Emergency stop available and liquid warning


Product Type Clinical
Power Supply Range 200-240 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Weight 6 kg
Voltage 50 W
INPUT 8 Key membrane keyboard
WASH MODE Strip mode and plate mode
WASHING TIMES 0~99 times adjustable
STORAGE CAPACITY More than 100 user-defined
washboard procedures
OPERATING ENVIRONMENT Temperature 5°C~40°C, Max humidity
LIQUID VOLUME 50~3000μL/Well
DIPPING TIME 0~3600s adjustable
WASH STRIPS 1~12 adjustable
DISPLAY High brightness LCD Display screen
MANIFOLD 8 pins and 12 pins
APPLICABLE WELL Flat, V-Bottom or U-bottom
SHAKING TIME 0~600s adjustable
DIMENSIONS 448 (L) x 382 (W) x 163 (H) mm
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