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GN ReSound Phone Clip +

GN ReSound Phone Clip +

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Product Description

ReSound Phone Clip+ for phones using Bluetooth™.

Stream calls, music, and directions from your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone to your ReSound hearing aids.

Usage To Hear Phone Calls Perfectly
Brand ReSound
Connectivity Type Bluetooth-Enabled Mobile Phone
Color Black

Hear phone calls perfectly, wherever you are

  • One of the hardest things about hearing loss can be talking on the phone. Missed words and misunderstandings are frustrating on both ends of the line. 
  • The ReSound Phone Clip+ lets you stream phone calls and audio straight to your hearing aids from any Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone or smartphone. So you – and the person you’re talking to – can enjoy comfortable conversations, even if one of you is located in a noisy environment. 

Easy and versatile

  • The ReSound Phone Clip+ provides a hands-free experience. It clips easily onto your clothes and works with all Bluetooth-enabled phones, allowing your wireless hearing aids to connect to two separate Bluetooth devices at the same time. This makes it easy to stay connected, for example to your Bluetooth-enabled private and work phones simultaneously.
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