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GRAPHNET ts- Schiller Ventilator

GRAPHNET ts- Schiller Ventilator

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Product Description

Adult, Pediatric & Infant Ventilator


  • Neonatal ventilation is available as optional (installed or retrofit)
  • 12" touchscreen display to view waveforms loops simultaneously
  • Tidal Volume correction according to BTPS leak compensation in all modes
  • Altitude and circuit compliance compensation
  • Advanced modes like APRV, MMV+Pressure Support, PSV + assured Volume
  • Selectable apnea backup ventilation (volume or pressure type)
  • 72 hours trend display
  • User adjustable ideal body weight factor
  • Integrated nebulizer
  • Advanced Lung Mechanism calculations: Auto-PEEP and Trapped Volume, WOBi, Exp. Vital Capacity NIF/Pi Max
  • Suction % O2 for suction sequence with variable FiO2
  • Non Invasive Ventilation available


  • Neonatal Ventilation with special modes available
  • SBT- Spontaneous breathing trial and Stress Index
  • High Flow Oxygen Therapy (HFOT/ HFNC)
  • Capnography (Mainstream) - Curves of CO2 / Time and Volumetric Capnography (CO2 / VT),  Measurements of EtCO2 Alveolar Ventilation, Dead Space, CO2 Elimination (VCO2), VD/ VT Ratio, CO2 expired volume (VTCO2)

Optional Accessories

  • Air Compressor
  • Humidifier
  • Micropump Nebulizer
  • Aeroneb Pro from aeroneb

warranty : 1 Year

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