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Hydrocollator Tank

Hydrocollator Tank

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The efficient automatic units which produce a uniform and constant temperature to heat steam packs is called Hydro collator unit. The Hydrocollator unit is a stainless steel tank in which silica gel packs are heated. The capacities of the machines vary and all units have insulated bases. The units contain a wire rack which acts as a divider for the packs and prevents contacts of packs with the bottom of the tank. The heater is thermostatically controlled and maintains water in the unit at a temperature between 76 and 80 degree Celsius. The Hydrocollator can be left on continuously as long as there is sufficient water in the tank.
The Hydrocollator pack is a fabric envelope containing silica gel. The main properly of gel is its capability to absorb many times its own volume of water and when heated to give off moist heat for 30-40 minutes.The packs are heated in a Hydrocollator unit.


  • Pain & Muscle Spasm: The moist heat of the hydro collator packs can relieve pain and muscle spasm in superficial regions. The rise in temperature also causes increased circulation which then removes pain metabolites and thus breaks down the vicious cycle of pain and muscle spasm.
  • Inflammation: In the case of mild inflammation, temperature elevation of 2 to 5 c will cause an increase in phagocytosis and aid absorption of the exudate.
  • Oedema: Oedematous areas over a large section of an extremely chronic stages can be treated with a hot pack in elevation to help absorption of the exudate.
  • Adhesions: The raised temperature of the : The raised temperature of the collagen will make it easier to stretch the adhesions


Four Hot Packs

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