Infant Bag MPR 600 cc/ml Bag 6/Cs

by Dynarex
Save 33%

A large rubber-like bag with oxygen tubing, duck-bill valve and exhalation port, reservoir tube or reservoir bag and other components.
Objective - To initiate resuscitation and life support measures during the possibility or presences of cardiopulmonary arrest.
Settings - MPRs may be used in a wide variety of settings including hospitals, clinics, extended care facilities and ambulances.
Flow Rates - Flow rates are adjusted according to patient needs. Oxygen concentrations of 100% are desired but less may be achieved due to different factors, which may include improper mask fit or inadequate flow rate.
All MPR Bags come with 10 ft (3m) of oxygen tubing
Single patient MPR Bags have a clear housing which allows for visualization of patient valve
Bag design and texture facilitates grip and manageability
Quality components combine to provide a wide variety of configurations
All components are not made of natural rubber latex