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Mobmon 12.0 Resting ECG 12-Channel Machine

Mobmon 12.0 Resting ECG 12-Channel Machine

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Product Description

The mobmon 12.0 Resting ECG Recorder fits in your palm and can easily be used in office, bedside, etc.

  • ECG reports can be viewed and zoomed on your mobile or tablet.
  • This product requires a mobile or tablet. You can print your report to a WiFi printer or Bluetooth Printer
  • Mobmon 12.0 is used for Monitoring of Patient’s ECG, BPM & SpO2
  • Live ECG (in real-time) transfer via Wi-Fi/2G/3G
  • Physician Notes: to be entered on mobile itself, removes the need for a PC/Laptop 
  • No AC line voltage required: operates using a battery.Good for 1000 plus ECG recordings on a single charge
  • Ultra-Portable Kit: entire kit is packaged in a pouch weighing less than 2kg
  • Revolutionary sharing features bring the remote cardiologist directly to your patient, potentially reducing crucial delays in treatment that could be life threatening

A Wide Array of Life-Saving Applications

  • Emergency Vehicles

Ambulance paramedic can transmit live patient ECG directly to remote cardiologists to diagnose and treat during a cardiac emergency.

  • General Physicians

GPs can transmit live patient ECG from their mobile or tablet to remote cardiologists for fast diagnosis while the patient is still being attended.

  • Hospitals

Emergency room (casualty), ICCU, and other hospital staff can transmit live patient ECG to the on-call or on-site Medical officer. Records can be saved for convenient review by cardiologist.

  • Home Monitoring & Health Checkups

Rural clinics, health checkup camps, and in-home healthcare services can record at-risk patients--especially with cardiac history--for later analysis and respond accurately to any cardiac emergency.

  • Cardiologists

Cardiologists can use the mobmon app to connect to the GPs in their network

Warranty : 1 Year

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