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Omron Medium Cuff CR 24

Omron Medium Cuff CR 24

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H-CR24 (HEM-CR24 on the cuff). Fits 9" - 13" Arm Circumference (22 cm - 32 cm) For all Omron Blood Pressure Monitors designed to be used with a D-Ring Cuff.

Omron (CM 2) Medium Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff (22 - 32 cm) Product Features Medium cuff Cuff fits arm circumference 22 - 32 cm Compatible for the M2 Basic, M2 Classic and M3 upper arm blood pressure monitors Not compatible for Omron Comfort Cuff devices: M6 Comfort, M7 and M10-IT Not compatible for Omron MIT Elite and MIT Elite Plus
Using the right cuff is most essential for accurate measurement. Always ensure that you are using the most suitable cuff fitting your arm. OMRON offers optional cuffs ranging from small (17-22 cm) to large/wide (32- 42cm). Normal medium cuff size: 22-32 cm.
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