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Omron VP-1000 Plus

Omron VP-1000 Plus

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Product Description 

Omron's innovative, non-invasive cardiovascular screening tools promote early detection and treatment for effective disease management. The products utilize cutting-edge technology to ensure the highest accuracy performance while ensuring ease of use for our customers.

Model Name/Number VP-1000plus
Display Type Monitor
Brand Omron
Application Media Blood Flow Monitoring
Instrument Type Portable
Operating Temperature 11 to 50 degree Celsius



The new VP-1000plus from Omron provides clinical information which aids in the early detection and treatment of cardiovascular disease. It uses ABI (Ankle Brachial index) and PWV (Pulse Wave Velocity) as an index of arterial wall stiffness and the potential presence or degree of peripheral arterial disease (PAD).

- Comprehensive user-specific reports improve patients' compliance to medicine.

- User-friendly touch panel for easy data input

- New ankle cuff design improve ease of use

- Portable, all-in-one design that can be installed anywhere

- Pre-installed network functions to support electronic medical records.














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