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Omya Double Channel Syringe Pump (Model -S660i)

Omya Double Channel Syringe Pump (Model -S660i)

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  • Compatible - Automatic syringe calibration, suitable for all international brands.
  • Convenient - “Openable slider hook”, convenient to clamp syringe plunge.
  • Powerful - Battery is capable to support more than 2 hours at a fixed delivery rate.
  • Energy-saving - An idle channel can be set to sleeping mode
  • Syringes - 10, 20 30, 50 mL of calibrated syringes
  •  Alarms - ‘Occlusion’, ‘Nearly empty’, ‘Finish’, ‘Syringe dislocated’, ‘Plunger/Clutch disengaged’, ‘Battery low’, ‘Battery exhausted’, ‘Power cable disconnected’, ‘Flow rate over limit’, ‘Volume over limited’, ‘System error’, ‘Non-operation time over’
  • Power - AC110~220V ±10%, 50~60 Hz ±1 Hz Inner NiMH battery: DC 12V Continuous operation time of battery: over 6 hours for one channel, over 4 hours for dual-channel when a battery is recharged for 12 hours, at flow rate 5 mL/h


Ambient temperature : 5 to 40 C Relative humidity : 20% to 80% Storage conditions 0 Ambient temperature : – 40 to 55 C Relative humidity : £95% Electric shock protection/class Class I and internal power supply : Type CF, Continuous operation Waterproof level IP 44 Weight 3.45kg (with clamp base) Dimension 354mm (Width) x 190mm (Height) x 128mm (Depth)


  • Dual-channel with a different flow rate 
  • Channel sleeping function 
  • Syringe size automatic calibration 
  • Syringe size automatic identification 
  • 3-level occlusion alarm limits setting 
  • Automatically reduce impact dose release after occlusion
  • Limits setting 
  • Delivered volume display 
  • KVO flow rate 
  • Operation error prompt 
  • Purge rate setting 
  • “Purge” button activate safe protection -
  • Flow rate setting button lock
  •  Abundant audio visual alarm
  •  AC and internal power indication 
  • Standard Rs232 interfaCE
  • 500 history records


             A syringe pump is a device which can either infuse or withdraw liquid Samples/fluids, at user-defined flow rates and with selectable target vol. Syringe pumps with simultaneous infusion and withdrawal with opposing syringes on a single drive are also available.

Warranty : 1 Year

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