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Philips Goldway G40E monitor 5 Para 12.1 inch Patient Monitor

Philips Goldway G40E monitor 5 Para 12.1 inch Patient Monitor

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Product Description

Clinicians need to respond swiftly to rapid changes in their patient's condition. Having a highly reliable, versatile patient monitoring solution on hand saves precious time in determining the best course of care. G40E is your choice for a cost-effective, easy to learn, pre-configured bedside monitor that provides reliable measurements (Philips ST/AR ECG and FAST-SpO2).

Display Size 10.4+611:631 inch
Brand Philips
Model Goldway G40E
Pulse Rate Range 40 bpm - 240 bpm, 30 bpm - 300 bpm
SPO2 Measurement Range 0-100%
HR Accuracy +-5 bpm or +-1 %,whichever is greater
Arrhythmia 21 calls
ST Measurement Range -2.5 mV - +2.5 mV
Waveform Speed 6.25 mm/s,12.5 mm/s,25 mm/s,50 mm/s
Method Automatic oscillometric
Operating Modes Manual/Auto/STAT
Parameters SYS/DIA/MAP/Pulse Rate
Lead Type 3-lead or 5-lead selectable



Advanced functionalities

To accommodate different clinical environments, the G40E delivers real-time data about cardiac and respiratory conditions. In addition to basic monitoring parameters, such as Philips ST/AR 3- and 5-lead ECG/ respiration, NBP, 2 temperatures, and Philips SpO/PR, ST and arrhythmia monitoring, it also provides 2-channel invasive blood pressure and Microstream CO monitoring as options.

Ease of use

The monitor has a 12.1” display with flexible display modes, such as big number display, minitrend, OxyCRG, as well as auto waveform channel height adjustment function to fit various clinical settings. Intuitive menus, fixed key access, bright color screen and optional touchscreen were all designed for maximum ease of use.

Networking and data management

The G40E comes standard with LAN networking capabilities for facilities looking to create a network with a bi-directional communication with Philips Efficia CMS200 central monitoring system or require data output in HL7 format.

Compact and cost-effective

Built according to Philips exacting quality standards, the G40E patient monitor offers market-proven essential parameters in a compact, cost-effective monitor to provide accurate measurement results upon your tight budget. The alarm latch function helps reduce alarm fatigue to form a silent care environment.

Works with Efficia consumables

The G40E patient monitor is designed to be compatible with Philips Efficia consumables, which are also used on Philips Efficia CM series patient monitors, to lower your total cost of ownership by sharing Philips consumables across different care settings.

Warranty : 1 Year

Content of Box

  • ECG Cable
  • SpO2 Sensor
  • NIBP Cuff (Adult) with cable
  • Power Cable
  • User Manual


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