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RMS Cordis 12-Channel Holter ECG System

RMS Cordis 12-Channel Holter ECG System

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A recorder is a simple device that catches synchronous 12-lead ECG waveforms and records them continuously for 48hours.

It's a flexible atrial fibrillation analysis that allows doctors to perform complete, segmented automated, and manual atrial fibrillation analysis, making the process faster and more accurate.

The recorder and analysis software is included in the RMS Cordis 12channel ECG Holter monitor 48 hours QRS search may be more precise with 12 leads synchro analysis, and the RMS 12 Channel ECG Holter Monitor 48 hours can practically identify all abnormal waveforms. 


  • 48 hrs continuous recording
  • Simultaneous acquisition of all 12 leads ECG data
  • Comfortable to be used at clinics, hospitals, home and work place
  • Lightweight, durable and streamlined design with event marking function
  • Color 1 inch OLED display to verify quality of live recording
  • Removable SD card and USB for data transfer
  • Flexible Atrial Fibrillation analysis
  • Powerful pacemaker analysis on AAI, VVI etc.
  • T wave Alternation analysis
  • Heart Rate Turbulence (HRT) analysis


  • Main Unit ( Holter Monitor )
  • Patient Cable
  • Chest Belt and Pouch
  • USB Cable
  • Software

Warranty: 1 Year


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