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RMS Maximus Portable 32-channel EEG Machine

RMS Maximus Portable 32-channel EEG Machine

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Product Description 

RMS Maximus Portable EEG Machine 32 channel is one of the best 32 channel EEG machines.

RMS Maximus Portable EEG Machine 32 channel is designed to be operated in conjunction with a desktop computer.

Digital EEG machines detect and record the electrical activity of the brain during medical tests. when it comes to 32 channel EEG machines.

  • 32-Channel simultaneous acquisition of raw data
  • Compact and light weight
  • USB powered with plug and play facility
  • Reports can be emailed or transferred across a network
  • Suitable for use in ICU, OT, Bedside recording
  • Artifact free recording in any environment
  • LED-based photic stimulator

Technical Specifications

  • EEG input channel: 21
  • EKG Input channel: 1(Bipolar)
  • Configuration input channels: 1(Bipolar)
  • DC/ External transducer inputs: 1
  • Total inputs: 24
  • Frequency Table Analysis
  • Connectivity to host PC: High speed USB
  • Export format: PDF, MS word, MS Excel
  • Safety: 1.5KV isolation
  • Dimension: 210 x 150 x 56.5 mm
  • Weight: 500g (approx)
  • Power Supply                           

Content in the box

Main device

Disc electrodes

Travelling bag

EEG paste

Photic Flash

Warranty: 2 years


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