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Romsons Respirometer - Respiratory Exerciser SH-6082 (Pack of 2)

Romsons Respirometer - Respiratory Exerciser SH-6082 (Pack of 2)

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Product Description

Romsons Respirometer SH-6082

Key features of Romsons Respirometer SH-6082
Innovative system to exercise respiration through inspiration.
Specially designed with 3 stage chambers to provide more efficient exercise to patient at a step up basis.

Device is composed of base & central part divided into three chambers containing three small spheres different in size & colour.

Three spheres rise proportionately to the inspiration exerted.
Innovative design, can be dismantled into parts for cleaning & disinfection.

Usage: Place the device at mouth level, exhale normally before inhaling., Inhale thoroughly until lifting the three balls (if, possible), Hold inspiration as long as possible., Remove the mouthpiece and exhale., Repeat the process.


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