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Romsons RomoLene Ryles Tube (Pack of 50) GS-4032

Romsons RomoLene Ryles Tube (Pack of 50) GS-4032

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Product Description 

REF GS-4032

Romolene- Ryles Tube with Funnel & Luer Connector Enternal Feeding Catheter Integrated with Dual Port Connector. Catherther with Radio Opaque Line & Tip

Distal end is coned with radio opaque material for easy intubation

Proximal end is provided with dual type universal funnel shape connector & female luer mount with closure cap.

The four lateral eyes are provided for efficient aspiration and administration


Colour coded for easy size identification, These are available in 7 sizes:

  • 8FG, Blue Colour
  • 10FG, Black Colour
  • 12FG, White Colour
  • 14FG, Green Colour
  • 16FG, Orange Colour
  • 18FG, Red Colour

Pack of 50 in 1 unit 

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