Sharps Containers 1qt. 60/cs

by Dynarex
Save 33%

Containers for used medical needles and other sharp medical instruments
Designed so needles can be dropped in the container without touching the outside
Commonly used in EMS, hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and doctors offices, etc.
Transparent lid allows for visual monitoring of contents to avoid overfilling
New Sharps ShaftTM is designed to hold syringes and conveniently fits into bags for EMS, fire and nursing personnel
Reorder No. 4624 - the 5.4qt container fits the Covidien/Kendall Wall Cabinet #85161H.
Reorder No. 4625 - the 5.4qt container fits a BD locking bracket (#305447)
Please note: Sharp container sizes indicated in the descriptions are for marketing purpose only and dimensional sizes should be verified as indicated in the dynarex sell sheet.
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