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SIMTEK - Syringe Infusion Pump INFUTEK 405

SIMTEK - Syringe Infusion Pump INFUTEK 405

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  • Convenience of Front Loading
  • Utility of Stacking
  • Drug Library
  • Allows at a Glance Visualisation of Drug Names, Volume Infused, Infusion Time & Flow Rate On LCD / LED Displays
  • Body Weight Rate Calculation
  • Bolus with Safety Time Lock
  • Adjustable Target Volume With Prealarm
  • Programmable to Accept Any Brand of Syringe
  • Automatic Rate Calculation with Volume and Time Limit
  • Upgradable to Double Loop PCA (Optional)
  • Impact Resistant Strong Cabinet to Protect the Equipment During Accidental Mechanical Impact


  • 10, 20, 30, 50/60ML standard with automatic size detection
  • 5ML*, 100ML *
  • Front loading of syringe
  • All available standard brands of syringes. Custom Programmable to any brand syringe.
  • 0.1-999.9ml /Hr (Depending on syringe size) with increment of 0.1mL/Hr. Higher rate available on request
  • Increment of 0.01mL/Hr for range up to 99.99mL/Hr *
INFUSED VOLUME RANGE            0.1 -999.9ml
  • 300-999.9ml/Hr (Depending on syringe size), Volume is programmable by user
  • Higher rate (>1200mL/Hr) & programmable Bolus Rate available on request.
BOLUS INTERVAL A minimum interval of time can be preset between two Bolus dose to avoid accidental over infusion, 1min to 24 Hrs.
To Prevent Needle Clogging with Programmable Kvo Rate
  • 3-4 Levels. Anti bolus mechanism in case of occlusion
  • 9 Levels or more *
  • Monitoring of Actual In Line Pressure & Set Occlusion Level *
  • Multiple Pump Stacking with Normal or Optional Single Power Cord.
  • Facility of Stacking of 2-3 Pumps with built in Stacking Clips, ensures more useful group application & portability in & around the hospital premises.
  • Integrated pole clamp
BODY WEIGHT MODE * Delivery rate is calculated automatically based on Volume & time pre selection or on values entered for patient body weight with drug
  • 48 Standard Drugs
  • More No. of Drug names available on request.
MULTI STAGE PROGRAMMING Ramp up & Ramp down facility
ALARMS Occlusion, End of syringe, Low Battery, Syringe displaced, No Syringe, Wrong Syringe, Pre Alarm for End, Invalid rate, Target
Volume, Target Time, Target volume Pre-alarm, Mains Failure Alarm, Preventive Maintenance Alarm.
Line Disconnection Alarm
ACCURACY Volume +/- 1%, Time +/- 1%
TIME LIMIT Time from 00:01 to 23:59 (hrs:min) or more if specially demanded
  • From 0.1ml to capacity of the syringe
  • Higher volume limits on request
POWER 220 VAC, +/- 10%, 50/60 HZ 12VA
External DC Source *
BATTERY TYPE Ni Mh, 12V/9.6V, 1300 mAHr
BATTERY BACK UP 5-6 hrs (Typ.) @ 5ml / Hr. Or more if specially demanded
BATTERY RECHARGING 20 Hrs. For full charging
STANDARDS Tested as per IEC 60601.1, 60601-1-2, 60601-2-24
DISPLAY Premium look with Green Color Display
: Exclusive Blue Color Display (Only in Infutek 405Ex)
RS485/RS232 PORT For Computer Interface Central Monitoring Station (Only in Infutek 405Ex)
PCA Upgradable to PCA with Double Loop Safety for PCA dose and time (Only in Infutek 405Ex)


Warranty: 1 year

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