Skin Cleanser, Luxury Foam, Moisturizers, Citrus Floral Scent, 1000mL, 6/cs (Dispenser & Mounting Brackets Sold Separately: See Kimberly-Clark Professional Items 92144, 92145, & 91070)

by Kimberly-Clark Professional

Now soap dispenser maintenance is quick and easy! The new Kimcare® Cassette Skin Care System features innovative refills - and a wealth of advantages: 1-liter capacity so you refill less often than standard 800 mL refills. New flexibility with interchangeable foam or lotion skin care cassettes - and dispensers compatible with universal mounting brackets also used in all our ALL-N-1 product line. Fresh pump with each refill for greater hygiene and a better image. Easy loading. Easy recycling when pump is removed. Offered in four new foam formulas and four current lotion soap formulas.