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UNI-EM Spiromin PC Based Spirometer

UNI-EM Spiromin PC Based Spirometer

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UNI-EM Spirometer is an instrument designed for lung function screening.

Spiromin is a very easy to use simple PC based Spirometer which can be be connected to a laptop to become a fully working Spirometer. It’s flawless design of turbine offers accurate readings.

A 4times trial for all tests gives ease for getting correct information without entering patient information again and again.

The core of the system is the intelligent flow meter that, connected through USB port , turns any personal computer (laptop or desktop) in a complete spirometry lab.

The system is composed of the turbine flowmeter, the measurement and data elaboration device (light weight and ergonomic) the communication cable and the software pack.


  • It is capable of performing FVC, MVV & SVC Tests
  • The software is capable of Diagnosis and should also recommend  the best test done.
  • Atleast four Trials for each test are possible
  • It possible to Change the Font & Colour of the Hospital Name &Contact Details
  • It has inbuilt DEMO mode for training
  • It  is capable of Conducting/ Printing and viewing Pre and Post medication waveforms
  • It can work on any version of windows
  • Connects directly to USD port of the Computer
  • A Bidirectional digital Turbine ensures maximum accuracy
  • Informs expected Lung age
  • Automatic interpretations
  • Can be connected to any PC or Laptop
  • Special Camp Mode to have ease of printing multiple reports in one go.
  • Facility to print Photo Graph of the Patient.
  • The turbine can easily be taken out and cleaned in a disinfectant.

Warranty : 1 Year

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