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VNG-RW-800 Baby warmer

VNG-RW-800 Baby warmer

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Product Description

Open care Warmer is designed to provide quick and effective treatment for newborn infants suffering from extreme heat loss. Thus, this equipment is suitable for NICU, labor rooms, and nurseries.

The open care warmer consists of  :

  • a cart and a bassinet assembly.
  • Also a heater module within examination light and
  • a pillar module which consists of a controller and SMPS. The basic unit is also equipped with one removable instrument tray mounted on the pillar module at the rear of the bassinet.


  • Heater Module
  • Controller
  • Examination Light
  • Apgar Timer
  • Alarm
  • Set Point(high/low)
  • Probe Fail

Modes Of Operation

  • Servo Mode : In this mode infant temperature sensed with the help of a skin temperature probe. Also, the heater power automatically controlled so that infant temperature lies in the desired range. This is set by the user.
  • Manual Mode: For this mode, we can manually set the power of the heater  ranging from 10 percent to 100 percent
  • Air Mode : Uses Thermistor probe, measures the air temperature with the help of air probe and sets the heater power. This helps to achieve the set temperature as required by the user.

Technical Specifications

  • Power source – 220 volt Ac/50 Hz 
  • Examination light – 9 watt
  • Skin32 degrees to 38 degrees
  • Power consumption : 650 Watt at 100% heater power

Warranty: 3 Years

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