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Yuwell Air-compressing Nebulizer 405A

Yuwell Air-compressing Nebulizer 405A

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The 405A Compressor Nebulizer is intended to aerosolize medications for inhalation by the patient for respiratory disorders. It is a new generation of compressor nebulizer manufactured by the company based on innovation and improvement of similar products at home and abroad.


  • Power:  Input: AC100-240V~ 350mA, 50/60Hz 
  •              Output: DC12V, 1000mA
  • Maximum nebulization rate: ≥0.2mL/min
  • MMD: 3.9μm
  • Percentage of nebulized particles with diameter less than 5μm >65% 
  • Maximum pressure of compression pump: ≥0.1MPa
  • Free flow of compression pump: ≥3.5L/min
  • Noise: ≤55dB(A)
  • Net weight: 260g (unit only)
  • Size: 13cm (l) × 6.5cm (w) ×6.8cm (h)
  • Electrical safety requirements: Class II equipment, Type B applied part
  • Working system: intermittent operation – working for 20 minutes with an interval of 40 minutes.
  • Normal working conditions:
  •                  Environmental temperature: 10℃~40℃
  •                  Relative humidity : 30%~75% 
  •                  Air pressure: 86KPa~106KPa
  • Restrictions on transportation and storage:
  • Environmental temperature: -40℃~+55℃
  • Relative humidity: 10%~93%
  • Air pressure: 70KPa~106KPa
  • Test conditions: The environmental temperature is 20℃ and the humidity is 53%. The test distance from the nebulizing aerosol nozzle is 10cm.
  • Test solution: 0.9% saline

Warranty: 1 Year


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