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AQUILON® ts- Schiller Ventilator

AQUILON® ts- Schiller Ventilator

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Product Description

Adult, Pediatric & Infant Ventilator


  • Designed with high end pneumatic base
  • A clear and complete display of vital sign variables on a builtin 12.1” TFT- LED color touch screen
  • Rapid-access keys and high visibility alarm indicator
  • User-friendly and intuitive programming
  • Autoclavable & reusable rugged flow sensor
  • Invasive & Non Invasive Ventilation available
  • Advanced modes like APRV, MMV+Pressure Support, PSV+Assured Volume
  • Altitude and circuit compliance compensation with Leakage Compensation
  • 72 hours trend display
  • Integrated nebulizer (Volume compensated & Inspiratory Synchronize)
  • Advance Lung Mechanism calculations: Auto-PEEP and trapped Volume, WOBi, Exp. Time Constant, P/ V Flex monitoring, Slow Vital Capacity, Pi Max (NIF)
  • SIMV(PRVC)+PSV, VSV- Volume support ventilation (OPTIONAL)

Optional Accessories

  • Air Compressor
  • Humidifier

Warranty: 1 Year

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