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B BRAUN Syringe Pump

B BRAUN Syringe Pump

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The Perfusor Space Syringe Pump is intended for use on adults, pediatrics, and neonates. It is the first syringe pump to receive FDA clearance for air and road transport. Weighing only 3 pounds, its compact design and flexible mounting positions allow for both vertical and horizontal delivery to accommodate IV and enteral infusions.

Types Infusion Pump , Push/Pull Pump
Application Bulk Fluid Injection, Drug Delivery
Features Digital , Portable
Number of Syringes 1.0
Weight 1.4 kg
Dimension 249 x 68 x 152 mm



  • Infusion rates from 0.1 to 99.9 ml/h
  • Volume pre-selection
  • Stackable, with a built-in locking mechanism
  • Battery operable for more than 3 days
  • Automatic recognition of syringe size/fixation
  • Automatic bolus reduction after pressure alarm
  • Occlusion alarm pressure limits selectable: 0.3/0.6/1.2 bar


  • Transport: First syringe pump cleared by the FDA for air and road transport.
  • Safety: Automatic syringe drive arm and piston brake designed to prevent inadvertent bolus during syringe change. Post-occlusion bolus reduction software designed to minimize bolus after occlusion.
  • Flexibility: Supports weight-based dosing limits as well as Patient Profiles with weight ranges.
  • Independent Modularity: Helps to prevent channel confusion and catastrophic pump failures.
  • Efficient Design: Lightweight and compact design takes less space with vertical stacking for increased versatility in healthcare settings.
  • Unique KeyGuard™: Non-numeric keypad with simple arrows designed to prevent manual programming errors by forcing user to observe the screen during programming and making it impossible for errors such as zero vs decimal to occur.
  • Universal Interface: Same workflow as Infusomat and intuitive design help to reduce staff training time.
  • Extensive Drug Library: Includes customizable hard and soft limits and clinical advisories.
  • Wireless Integration: Allows for complete interoperability.
  • Alarm Display: Clearly visible with easily adjustable volume levels.
  • MRI Environment: MR Conditional when used with the SpaceStation MRI to allow for the uninterrupted delivery of medications to patients within the MRI suite.

Warranty : 1 Year



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