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BMC RESmart GII BIPAP Y25T Machine with Humidifier

BMC RESmart GII BIPAP Y25T Machine with Humidifier

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  •  BiPAP - Y-25T, Modes - CPAP, S, ST, T 
  • Type: Breathing, COPD, sleep apnea
  • Usage: Ideal for COPD, Sleep apnea and obesity patient, COPD, Respiratory, Sleep apnea
  • Disassembled
  • Disposable
  • Real-time monitoring: Tidal Volume (TV), Respiratory rate (Res Rate), Minute ventilation (Min Vent), Leakage (Leak) 
  • Innovative tracking technology ensures accurate and comfortable therapy. 
  • Unique sensitivity settings offer comfortable individual therapy 
  • Auto on/Auto-off function. Quick and easy operation


  • Device Size Dimensions : 170 mm × 180 mm × 118 mm, or 290 mm × 180 mm × 134 mm (with the humidifier)
  • Weight : 1.5 kg, or 2.5 kg (with the humidifier)
  • Mode of Operation : Continuous
  • Work Mode : CPAP, S, S/T, T
  • SD Card : SD card can record patient data and fault information.
  • AC Power Consumption : 100 – 240 V ~ 2 – 1 A, 50 / 60 Hz
  • Pressure Range IPAP : 4.0 ~ 25.0 H20 (only applies to Y-25T, U-25T)
  • EPAP : 4.0 ~ 25.0 H20 (only applies to Y-25T, Y-30T, U-25T, U-30T, U-30AT)


  • BMC Resmart BiPAP (Y25T)
  • Humidifier
  • Hose
  • Mask (Nasal or Full Face, Size: S/M/L) (if included in order)
  • Adapter
  • Filter
  • Catalog

Warranty: 2 Years

Additional Information

This machine is a two-level positive pressure device intended to provide non-invasive ventilation to patients with respiratory failure or obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), in the hospital or in the House. The Auto BiPAP Y25T with a humidifier is only used for one patient and should not be reused on another person. This is to avoid the risk of cross-infection.

The device has Ti Min / Ti Max to ensure inspiration time and considerably improve the treatment effect. It is completely ergonomic and has a powerful design.

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