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Exercise Foam Roller - Full Round

Exercise Foam Roller - Full Round

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  • Size: 45 and 95 cms


Best used before and after workouts on back, thighs, calves, hip flexors, gluts. Helps with injury prevention and rehab. Consistent use of this foam roller during exercise helps better blood circulation. This process of myofascial release also speeds up muscle recovery so you can be fully ready for your next workout or competition in less time

Increase mobility- foam roller is an ideal tool to have around when performing yoga, pilates, physiotherapy, and other fitness exercises.

A deep acupressure grid to increase range of motion and flexibility and release tough trigger points in your body

Strong foam roller made up of eva material with grid surface Used By All Renowned Athlete, Sport Persons & Fitness Trainers Built your Muscles & Stamina , Stretch Your Body ,Ideal For Physiotherapy Lightweight / Durable / Portable / Washable

Random colour will be provided. No choice of colour 

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